Liquid polyurethane membrane

Liquid polyurethane membrane systems are products that once installed, they form a one-piece polyurethane membrane, without joints or overlaps, fully waterproof, thick and permanent, UV and weather resistant.

System versatility gives it the possibility to adapt over a lot of surfaces and different materials as cement, concrete, polyurethane foam, asphalt sheets, wood, metal… And makes of it an ideal product to stay over any irregular surfaces. This liquid polyurethane membrane system is specially recommended to all desk and terraces types, regardless of the size.

Furthermore, the liquid membrane system is suitable with the majority of trafficability and non-slip protections, so you can obtain decorative desks, landscaped areas or high usage spots. They can be placed over any pavement type.

The liquid membrane system must not be confused with the acrylic rubber painting system. The main differences are the durability-guarantee, trafficability and sharp elements resistance of the liquid membrane system against the acrylic rubber.

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