Several are the weak points in the construction of multi-family buildings over the years: facades with humidity, balconies and slabs of forged in poor condition, leaks for lack of waterproofing on terraces and balconies, deterioration of interior and exterior painting, etc. The results of the deterioration not only have visual impact but also affects the day to day of the coexistence of the community of neighbours/owners, since as a rule the damage is usually suffered by a percentage of floors but the investment impacts economically to all neighbours . The work of the community administrator and the president to seek consensus is an important part not only to ensure the repair of the constructive imperfections of the communities but above all, to present companies that have the capacity not only to repair the damage but also ensure and certify the quality of the work.

In QROMIA our main goal is the quality in the service for our clients and with this philosophy we started at the end of October several works in different neighbourhood communities both in facade restoration, exterior and interior painting and waterproofing based on liquid membrane systems polyurethane and prefabricated sheets. The key to QROMIA is based on working with specialized teams for the work in question, with certified materials and under a strict work execution plan that respects the different phases and layers of application required.